Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

A Day in the Rehearsal Hall for Inside William 《莎翁乐园》之复刻排练厅的一天

Event Information

Date: 19 November 2022
Time: 12:00 13:00
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Language: Chinese


日期: 2022年 11月 19日
时间: 12:00 13:00
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
语言: 中文

About the Event 关于活动

At this event, the creator and cast of Shakespeareland the Musical will share interesting bits and pieces of the cast and lead a brief physical and vocal training session with the audience. Are you curious about how the cast spend their day in the rehearsal hall? How do they warm up, how do they interact and how do they prepare for a performance? The answers to these questions are hidden in this replica rehearsal hall event.

The Bund Museum of Art, in collaboration with Shanghai Culture Square, is now presenting the musical Shakespeare's Paradise as part of its "Living Well" project, a series of offline activities based on the musical, inviting you to experience the story of Shakespeare's Paradise in a new light and to experience theatre as a way of "living well". A way of living well".

About the musical Shakespeareland

Imagine if one day the characters in Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and other Shakespearean works stepped out of the original and gained free will. The musical Shakespeareland stems from a witty and witty imagination. By creating an encounter between the 'Shakespeare', who yearns for the approval of critics and audiences, and his characters, a warm and delightful journey is undertaken to find the missing pieces.

The original version of Shakespeareland premiered on 2 March 2021 and was once described by Korean netizens as "a musical that will live on in your memory even when the lights go out" and "the most unburdensome comedy I've seen so far". The Chinese version of the show is another collaboration between Culture Square and Korean gold medalist director Kim Duk-yon, following the musicals "Maybe a Happy Ending" and "Star Messenger". On the one hand, it continues Culture Square's "small but beautiful" style of drama selection, and on the other hand, it is also the first time that the four protagonists rely on a warm core expression through the means of comedy, expressing the value of "life is precious because it is up to me" by describing the process of finding their own paradise. The play is also the first to rely on the warmth of its core expression.






About the team 关于主创团队

Jiang Qinghua, Chinese Music Director.
Wu Hanjing, Chinese Assistant Music Director.
Jia Jingyi, Chinese Assistant Choreographer.
Xu Zehui, musical actor as "Romeo"
Liu Haoran, as Juliet

徐泽辉,音乐剧演员《莎翁乐园》中饰演“罗密欧” 。

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