Rockbund Art Museum 上海外滩美术馆

Music Performance · Cracks on the Circumference I 实验音乐演出·圆周的缝隙 I

Event Information

Date: 16 October 2021
Time: 11:00 12:30
Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Second River, DYKK TRIO
Language: Chinese


日期: 2021年 10月 16日
时间: 11:00 12:30
场馆: 上海外滩美术馆
主讲人: 二次河流、DYKK TRIO
语言: 中文

About the Event 关于活动

Music and sound are the results of circularity and repetition. The circle of rhythm rolls, transformsdeforms, disappears in familiar places, and then metamorphosesdeforms, reorganizes, and reappears in a differentanother identity. When it accelerates to an instantthe extreme, all the sounds aries compressed into a crack of noise that passes pierces through the cochlea. And Wwhen time is slowed down to a certain extentthe extreme, the sound will becomeis like an untied clewball of thread that has been untied: , just one long and single thread is left, that stretches and it constantly changes in the ocean of time.

Fluxus is an ambiguous overflow and provocation that our daily life exertsed on art, while “‘noises”’ isare the surplus part of music industry. It is , the overtones floating around the main keynote, and the a microtonal micro sound universe separated from the twelve-tonethe equal temperament, and the wrong shots notes and or missed shots notes that the body wants to tame. They were are nevernot “discovered” “discovered” or “”invented”” by anybody. They are just there, for a longer time than the entire human history. They have been maneuvredtransferred and exploited by copyright and human language again and again, but they will never disappear and lost its source, like the infinite number of digits in πinexhaustible ℼ. Sound does will nevernot die out, i. It is just is reproduced in the form of waves in space, leaving with an ever-expanding circle at the speed of sound, and starting from the source, again and again, until eternity.

Circle is an idea, rather thannot a physical object, s. Io it will never fail. Fortunately, outside the chart map of the music industry, outside thator say the perfect bubble, there will always be a fish that can slips through the net. There is always a way for physical beings to find a crack on the circumference of conceptual world, they canto exert gravity, and give it a push and make our reality a little more cute. Hand-drawn circles are never perfect. If signature is the failed failure from the learning of part of writing learning, then the improvisational repetition ated practice of improvisation is a way to the polishing of style; they are the cracks on the circumference that arehave been deliberately pierced, or in other words, they are the creation process itself.

This performance project series will invite several experimental, and improvisation musicians and music groups collectives in Shanghai to present three performances under an umbrellathis common theme during the exhibition period of ‘“John Armleder: : Again, Just Again”’exhibition, and to share with audience demonstrating their own exploration and understanding of sound.




这次策划的演出系列将邀请上海的多位实验/即兴音乐人、团体在本次“约翰·阿姆莱德:再,再” 展览期间,在这一共同的主题下做三场演出,展示各自对声音的探索和理解。

About the Performers 关于表演者

Second River

The A sound project collective founded byof Zhu Songjie and Bai Mengwei , began in 2015. They and has performed at the Sonic Circuits Festival in Washington, D.C. in 2018, t. In recent years, their practice focuses more on long notehe music they have made in recent years is more focused on Drone. Starting from two, vibrating points, the collective sees the coming of new members every now and then. With the two founding members as two fixed “points”, practice of the collective could be seen as vibration of the “line” connected by the two “points”. While the space for the “line” to explore expands and changes from time to time thanks to the vibration, it will return to the original state eventually. But each time the so-called “return” will imbue something new and different into the collective.


DYKK Trio consists of Gguitarist 31, bassist Zhou Yi, and saxophone player Liu Zhongtian. Last year, their band Dolphy Kick Bebop, a band founded by the three of them, released a live album "Briefvisit" (WV Sorcerer, 2020), and . DYKK TRIO is another recent project they come up with, intending to focusing on the exploration toward the direction of free jazz and improvise chance music.


朱松杰、白梦薇二人的声音组合计划,始于2015年,2018年曾赴华盛顿Sonic Circuit实验音乐节演出,近年更专注于长音。人员时有扩展,以两点一线的振动拓展折射的空间,踏入重复,而后在差异中回归。


由31、周一、刘中天组成的吉他、贝斯和萨克斯三重奏。去年,他们的乐队Dolphy Kick Bebop/海豚踢发行了现场专辑《Briefvisit》(巫唱片WV Sorcerer, 2020),DYKK Trio则是他们近期的另一个项目,专注于在自由爵士、即兴音乐方向上的探索。

John Armleder: Again, Just Again 约翰·阿姆莱德:再,再