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Yugoexport Fashion Project: Actors Yugoexport时尚项目:演员

Event Information

Date: 12 November 2022
Time: 12:00 12:25
Venue: 1F, Ampire & Co. Building


日期: 2022年 11月 12日
时间: 12:00 12:25
场馆: 安培洋行 1楼

About the Event 关于活动

Sirens on the loose! The Sirens, who attracted attention at Documenta in Kassel, will land in the Magic City for the first time five years later. For artist Ilana Haiduk, the Sirens are the face of waiting, chanting a song that makes the present moment stretch forever. For the show, they will wear Yugoexport dresses designed for strolling; step on Borosana, a work shoe from 1960s Croatia designed to allow women workers to work long hours on their feet; and wander the dimly lit catwalk with books on their heads. It's a difficult move that takes a long time to train for, can the sirens pull it off? What kind of performance will there be beyond the wandering? You'll have to find out.


About Yugoexport 关于Yugoexport

The Yugoexport Fashion Project, initiated by the artist Ilana Haiduk, is an oral enterprise with an underlying logic of reciprocity, loyalty and intimacy between things and people. The name "Yugoexport" is derived from the former Yugoslav clothing and weapons manufacturer "Jugoeksport", which was founded in the United States (a personal company), launched in Paris and based in New York. Yugoexport" trades slowly and at its own economic pace. The corporate motto "How to surround yourself with things in the right way" is the core principle that empowers the production of images, books, costumes, speeches, films, sets, changeable spaces and aims to nourish the organ of imagination.

艺术家伊莲娜·海杜克发起的“Yugoexport 时尚项目"是一家口述企业,其底层逻辑是物与人之间的对等、忠诚和亲密。"Yugoexport"的名称脱胎于前南斯拉夫服装和武器制造商"Jugoeksport",公司在美国成立(个人公司),发起于巴黎,总部设在纽约。"Yugoexport"以自己的经济节奏慢慢地开展交易。企业格言"如何以对的方式用东西把自己包围"是赋能图像、书籍、服装、演说、电影、布景、 可变空间生产的核心原则,旨在滋养想象力器官。

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